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Mervyn Burtch's 'Five Aphorisms' ~ Mark Tanner

Advanced Pianist

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Mervyn Burtch's 'Five Aphorisms' ~ Mark Tanner

Co-Authored Books

The Advanced Pianist  

Faber, 2019



The Advanced Pianist, was published in 2019 by Faber. Written by Karen Marshall and Mark Tanner, these two books are the culmination of the 'Piano Trainer' series - seven co-authored pedagogical publications, beginning with Foundation Pianist (Marshall and Blackwell) and Intermediate Pianist (Marshall and Hammond).


“A real strength of these books is that they don’t limit themselves to pieces which are already somewhat tired from over-exposure elsewhere; Marshall and Tanner have unearthed some genuine gems, and included a number of pieces which will undoubtedly be new to most teachers and players (as well as including a few welcome originals of their own).”


Do read the full, in-depth review of the Advanced Pianist on the Pianodao website:




The Curious Piano Teachers Webinar

Karen and Mark were invited to take part in a webinar with Sally Cathcart for the Curious Piano Teachers. If you'd like to watch the YouTube recording of the webinar, follow this link:

The Curious Piano Teachers Webinar, September 2019

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