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Mervyn Burtch's 'Five Aphorisms' ~ Mark Tanner

Teachers Choice

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Mervyn Burtch's 'Five Aphorisms' ~ Mark Tanner


EPTA Teachers' Choice  

Compiled & Edited by Mark Tanner

Faber, 2019 


Containing 58 well-loved piano pieces from all eras, in these two new releases from Faber you will find a treasure-trove of repertoire. In addition, there are a handful of Editor's Choices, strategically placed in order to give breadth and balance to the styles; also to ensure representations from female composers. Whether you are a teacher or player looking for a bumper compendium of piano music, there is surely something of interest to discover as you thumb through these two books: Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-8. Each book contains repertoire voted for by members of the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) to celebrate the Association's 40th Anniversary.

"As commemorative collections that celebrate the state of piano education in this, EPTA’s 40th Anniversary year, these books are of course unique. That the music in them was selected, and commented upon, by active members of the organisation, also adds considerable value.The layout within is equally tasteful. After the thought-provoking introduction from series editor Mark Tanner, the music itself is very nicely presented and well-spaced.


Do read the full, in-depth review of Teachers' Choice on the Pianodao website:


Perhaps you are a piano teacher interested in becoming a member of EPTA, either at student, associate or 

professional level? If so, follow the link to the EPTA-UK website:



Alternatively, email the EPTA Administrator:

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"In short, the Teachers’ Choice Piano Collections are a triumph, and a welcome addition to both teacher and student’s music library alike."

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