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Graham Lynch's 'Wavebreak' ~ Mark Tanner

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Graham Lynch's 'Wavebreak' ~ Mark Tanner

Educational Work

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“An exclusive premiere of

Mark Tanner's Lullaby

for Prince George



Mark greatly enjoys his work as a teacher and educator, having taught piano to professional level for many years. He was Assistant Director of Music at Taunton School for 16 years, and during this time became a highly sought after lecturer on a variety of adult and residential courses, including the National Young Pianists' Week, Jackdaws Educational Trust, Dillington House, Farncombe Estate and Maryland College. For the past five years he has taught at the Chetham's International Summer School for Pianists, where in 2018 he was invited to be Composer in Residence; in 2019 he co-directed the Piano Teachers Course with Karen Marshall at Chetham's School and RNCM, Manchester. He also co-directed the EPTA Teachers Course at Chichester University. 


For ABRSM, Mark has examined grades and diplomas for fifteen years. He has been active on various syllabus development projects and is a Moderator, Trainer, Reader and Presenter, having undertaken 44 international tours to all five continents. In 2018 he coordinated exams in Beijing, and in 2019 he is coordinating in Shanghai. This year he is also presenting the new piano syllabus at a number of INSET training events. 

Mark is an adjudicator for the British and International Federation of Festivals. He has adjudicated a large number of festivals in the UK and Singapore, and in 2018 was a keyboard judge on the BBC Young Musician. He has judged the EPTA Piano Competition and Composers' Competition. Forthcoming festivals include the Thornbury Eisteddfod, Southampton, Mid-Somerset and Bristol Festivals. Mark serves on the EPTA management committee; in recent times he has been Editor of their flagship journal, Piano Professional, and co-authored the new suite of teaching diplomas and professional development courses in Manchester during 2019. Masterclasses have been given in Europe and Asia.

Mark's in-depth 'Masterclass' articles, for Pianist Magazine - the most popular piano magazine in the UK - have covered 35 topics, such as how to memorise, voice chords more effectively, practise away from the piano, improve left hand dexterity and use the una corda pedal more tastefully.

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“We need ardent and talented advocates like Tanner to bring

the music to our attention"


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Introducing the first in a series of video piano lessons given by Mark Tanner. Visit this page regularly for further free videos to engage the pianist of all levels. This first lesson tackles how to find any note or chord on the piano without looking...

Feel your way to success...

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Visit here soon for further helpful videos on piano playing.

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