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Graham Lynch's 'Night Garden' ~ Mark Tanner

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Graham Lynch's 'Night Garden' ~ Mark Tanner

Exam Syllabus Pieces




Grade 1 – Going up Camborne Hill (Cornish Pastiche)

Grade 2 – The Pool of Pilate (Cornish Pastiche)

Grade 3 – Cold Blows the Wind Today (Cornish Pastiche)

               I Love my Love (Cornish Pastiche)

Grade 4 – Sweet Nightingale (Cornish Pastiche)

               Tom Bawcock's Eve (Cornish Pastiche)



Grade 4 – Lamorna (Cornish Pastiche)

               Tom Bawcock's Eve (Cornish Pastiche)



Grade 1 – The Pelican from Heligan (Creature Comforts)

Grade 3 – Gerbil's Great Escape (Creature Comforts)

Grade 5 – L'Almanach aux images (Grovlez/Tanner)

Grade 6 – L'Almanach aux images (Grovlez/Tanner)


Prep Test – Wonkey Donkey (ABRSM 'Piano Star')

               Lost in the Maze (ABRSM 'Piano Star')

London College of Music



Grade 5 – La Polonaise Pamplemousse (Eye-Tunes Book 5) SP925

Grade 6 – Wind over Goonhilly (Eye-Tunes Book 6) SP926



Trinity College of Music



Grade 1 – The Owl and the Pussycat (Seascapes) SP1135

Grade 2 – Walrus Rag (Seascapes) SP1135

Grade 3 – A Fish can Whistle (Eye-Tunes for Zookeepers) SP1110

Grade 4 – Forty Winks (Dreamscapes) SP1136

               Cheesed off in Amsterdam (Cityscapes) SP1206

Grade 6 – The Wit and Wisdom of the Night (Nightscapes) SP1137

Grade 7 – How Bleak the Moon Tonight (Nightscapes) SP1137


Jazz Flute:

Grade 1 – The Slothful Sloth (Creature Comforts, Easy) SP1112

Grade 2 – The Blue Gnu (Creature Comforts, Easy) SP1112

Grade 3 – A Fish can Whistle (Creature Comforts, Easy) SP1112

Grade 4 – The Augustus Trot (Creature Comforts, Intermediate) SP1113


Grade 1 – Cormorant High (Creature Comforts, Easy) SP1112

               The Mousehole Rat (Creature Comforts, Easy) SP1112


Grade 3 – A Carol by Candlelight (Folk Songs Vol.1) SP1291 (words & music by Mark Tanner)

The pieces in this list are on current or recent syllabuses

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